Canadian Preclearance: Global Entry Available, Binational Port Operations Committees Established at All Preclearance Airports


Yesterday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that Global Entry kiosks are now available at all Canadian preclearance airports after newly installed kiosks at Edmonton International Airport began processing travelers on June 19. 

Over the last year, CBP has been installing kiosks at the eight preclearance airports in Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg as part of the integration of the Global Entry and NEXUS trusted traveler programs. 

Global Entry members can use the kiosks at the Canadian preclearance sites.  Interested Canadian citizens and permanent residents must enroll in NEXUS in order to receive Global Entry benefits.  Those already enrolled can use the Global Entry kiosks, provided their fingerprints and documents are on file with CBP.

ACI-NA’s 2010 comments on making Global Entry a permanent program recommended that CBP allow Canadian NEXUS members to use Global Entry kiosks and install Global Entry kiosks in Canadian preclearance airports.

CBP’s press release


Earlier this month, Canada and the United States announced the establishment of Binational Port Operations Committees at each of the eight Canadian preclearance airports. (Such committees already exist for several land ports of entry). The committees will promote collaboration on overall port management.  Each committee has developed an action plan to improve border management and efficiency.  The committees which include CBP and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) are supposed to meet at least four times a year and external parties such as airports are invited to attend when issues specific to their area are discussed.

These committees implement one of the commitments under the Beyond the Border Action Plan announced in December 2011 by Prime Minister Harper and President Obama to facilitate legitimate travel and trade, while ensuring security. 

Public Safety Canada press release