Call Your Members of Congress - FAA Extension


GA MEMO:    2011-98


ACI-NA has learned that Senator Rockefeller is planning on going to the Senate floor early this afternoon to ask Republicans to agree to a bipartisan, clean extension, S. 1738.  If you have not yet called your Senators, please do so now and urge them to pass the extension this afternoon.  There is still time for the Senate to pass the bill and get it to the House in time to avoid a shutdown of the FAA.

If the Senate cannot clear the extension by unanimous consent, a shutdown is certain and could less well into next week.   Below is a list from the Department of Transportation, released by DOT Secretary LaHood, showing the construction funding in danger of being lost because of a shutdown, broken down by state.

We also want to thank the Airport Consultant’s Council for joining us this morning in asking their members to call their Senators on this crucial issue.


States Facing Loss of Construction Dollars (DOT)

Alaska                                                69,700,000

Alabama                                            32,400,000

Arkansas                                           25,900,000

American Samoa                             3,500,000

Arizona                                              35,100,000

California                                          131,500,000

Colorado                                            34,200,000

Connecticut                                      4,700,000

District of Columbia                           300,000

Delaware                                           800,000

Florida                                                88,000,000

Georgia                                              67,100,000

Guam                                                 2,000,000

Hawaii                                                21,300,000

Iowa                                                    41,100,000

Idaho                                                  17,500,000

Illinois                                                 90,300,000

Indiana                                              19,400,000

Kansas                                              41,900,000

Kentucky                                           18,700,000

Louisiana                                          33,500,000

Massachusetts                                 17,900,000

Maryland                                           9,100,000

Maine                                                 12,700,000

Michigan                                           36,400,000

Minnesota                                         36,200,000

Missouri                                             24,600,000

Northern Mariana Islands              2,200,000

Mississippi                                        34,600,000

Montana                                            18,700,000

North Carolina                                  45,600,000

North Dakota                                    22,800,000

Nebraska                                           21,900,000

New Hampshire                               3,700,000

New Jersey                                       44,700,000

New Mexico                                      25,400,000

Nevada                                              36,000,000

New York                                           62,600,000

Ohio                                                   38,900,000

Oklahoma                                         54,800,000

Oregon                                               16,500,000

Pennsylvania                                   28,300,000

Puerto Rico                                       15,900,000

Rhode Island                                    1,100,000

South Carolina                                 30,700,000

South Dakota                                   25,700,000

Tennessee                                        34,700,000

Texas                                                 72,100,000

Utah                                                   10,100,000

Virginia                                              40,500,000

Virgin Islands                                   2,200,000

Vermont                                             4,800,000

Washington                                      37,900,000

Wisconsin                                         25,300,000

West Virginia                                     10,800,000

Wyoming                                           15,900,000

TOTAL                                                1,700,200,000*

*This does not include $800 million in discretionary funding.