Call Now to Get Congress to Act on FAA Bill


Action Alert - Call Today

With the announcement of a tentative deal on the debt limit – both the Democrats and Republicans are holding caucus meetings today to go over the deal and count votes – Congress could adjourn as early as tonight.

We need you to call your representatives and senators today and tell them Congress cannot adjourn without taking action to put the FAA back in business.

In the eight days since Congress allowed the FAA to be shut down:

  • The Aviation Trust Fund has lost more than $200 million
  • Needed safety and security construction projects at airports across the country are on hold because of the shutdown. USE your airports example if applicable
  • Tens of thousands of construction workers are going without jobs because airports are unable to move forward with airport construction projects
  • Congress will bankrupt the Aviation Trust Fund if they do not act NOW. (See ACI-NA analysis of Trust Fund balances.)

Please call or email your congressional delegation today.