Business Information Technology Committee Meeting - 2015 Annual Conference

October 3 - 4, 2015  – Long Beach, CA

Below are the speaker presentations presented during the 2015 ACI-NA Business Information Technology Committee Meeting on October 3rd and 4th prior to the 2015 ACI-NA Annual Conference and Exhibition in Long Beach, CA.



October 3rd




Industry Update - DOT Kiosk Accessibility Requirements


Industry Update - PCI Compliance and EMV Chip


Industry Update - Airport Community Recommended Information Services (ACRIS)


BIT Session 1 – Approach to Integrated Passenger Self Services


BIT Session 2 – Improving the Passenger Experience


BIT Session 3 – Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)


October 4th


BIT Session 4 – Two sides of the same [bit]Coin: Customer-Facing and Operational Mobile Solutions


BIT Session 5 – Airline IT Perspective


BIT Session 6 – Cybersecurity


Concurrent Sessions


Concurrent Education Session 1A. Advanced Airside Communications and Surveillance Technologies


Concurrent Education Session 1B. Non-Aeronautical Revenue—Can Effective Land Use Planning Contribute to the Bottom Line?


Concurrent Education Session 1C. Non-Movement Area Safety—How Can Airports Manage Ground Handlers More Effectively?


Concurrent Education Session 2A. Upgrading the International Arrivals Process


Concurrent Education Session 2B. The Evolution of Airport Master Planning – Incorporating Sustainability


Concurrent Education Session 2C. Perspectives on Airport Recycling