April 4-7, 2011 Kansas City, Missouri

The ACI-NA Public Safety & Security Committee met in conjunction with the ACI-NA Operations and Technical Affairs Committee in April 2011for its Spring Conference. Key discussion topics included airport emergency plans, international security initiatives, safety management systems, airport security trends and interactive airport round table on CCTV. Links to presentations from the conference appear below.

Tuesday, April 5


Wednesday, April 6

  • Joint Session - Welcome From the Committee Chairs
    Sam Sleiman, Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)
    Fred McCosby, Savannah Airport Commission
  • Joint Session - Airport Terminal Security: Designing Facilities To Meet Tomorrow's Threats
    Doug Hofsass, TSA
    Perfecto Solis, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
    Charlotte Peed, RapidScan
    Tim Hudson, Gresham, Smoth and Partners
  • Assist Program - A Look at Security Solutions for Compliance with Part 1542
    Scott Broyles, National Safe Skies Alliance
    Bridgitte Goersch, Orlando International Airport
    Walter White, Memphis-Shelby International Airport
    Webdy Reiter, Seattle Tacoma International Airport
  • TSA Security Technology Strategies for 2011 and Beyond
    Denson Stasher, Jackson Municipal Airport Authority
    Robin Kane, TSA
  • DHS Safety Act Affords Airports Liability Projections
    Christopher Bidwell, ACI-NA
    Akmal Ali, Department of Homeland Security
  • CCTV Applications at Airports
    Charles Cinquemani, Dallas/Fort Worth international Airport
    Brian Rumble, Tampa International Airport
    Fred McCosby, Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport
    Mark Adams, URS Corporation
    Rob Benstein, Gerald R. Ford International Airport
  • Airport Security Trends
    Rob Benstein, Gerald R. Ford International Airport
    Jeanne Olivier, Port Authority of NY & NJ
    Lezley Mix, Kansas City International Airport
    John Dean, Port of Portland International Airport
  • Interactive Session with TSA Security Operations
    Brian Rumble, Tampa International Airport
    Lee Kair, TSA (Invited)
    Dr. Richard Ham, TSA
  • TSNM Update and Discussion
    Fred McCosby, Savannah-hilton head International Airport
    Doug Hofsass, TSA
    Paul Leyh, TSA