Action Alert: Call Congress to Extend the FAA


GA MEMO:    2011-98


As ACI-NA Government Affairs noted earlier this morning, the FAA has been shut down has been going on for just over 48 hours, and while the traveling public hasn’t felt any impact, with Congress and the Administration locked in a duel over the debt ceiling, we need your help in making sure Congress doesn’t lose sight of the need to pass a clean FAA extension. 



Please call your Senators and House Members and ask them to:

  • Support passage of a clean extension of FAA authorities thru the end of the Fiscal Year (September 30, 2011) and urge it to be brought up for a vote as soon as possible.
  • Under the FAA shut down, airports around the country are suffering because much needed Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding will not be administered by the FAA.
  • Explain the impacts at your airport, especially on construction projects and the number of both airport and construction staff that may be impacted by the FAA shut down.  Also if you have a PFC application or a project waiting for approval at the FAA, this will be delayed as there is no staff to work on them.  Point out the impact this has on your airport and the economic impact it has on your community.

Additionally, a reminder that our request for the following information so that we can continue to make the point on the Hill that restoring FAA authorities is vitally important:

  • Do you have an AIP project pending approval with FAA?  If so, we need to know what project are going to be delayed and how much money isn’t going to be spent in your local economy at a time when we desperately need economic growth and jobs.
  • Did you have a meeting pending with FAA on a project, a safety issue, or a PFC application – these are the ‘real life’ stories we need you to share so we can use them to remind Congress, and the nation, that the FAA needs its operating authority reinstated now.


Please email your stories to or call Jane at 202-861-8096.

Please contact ACI-NA’s Government Affairs staff should you have any additional questions or concerns.