ACRP Updates Its On-Going Research Efforts to Ops/Tech

Popsted on Centerlines Blog on Oct. 16 by Chris Oswald
Sunday’s Ops/Tech Pre-Conference Seminar got rolling with updates regarding the Airport Cooperative Research Program.

ACRP staffer Marci Greenberger provided an overview of ongoing, recently completed, and new ACRP projects, highlighting the heavy emphasis of the 2012 program on airport operations and maintenance topics, many of which are of particular interest to the Committee. She also highlighted several recently completed ACRP reports, including Report 51, Risk Assessment Method to Support Modification of Airfield Separation Standards and Report 52, Wayfinding and Signing Guidelines for Airport Terminals and Landside. Both reports provide excellent guidance to airports, the FAA, and other stakeholders. (These reports as well as information regarding ongoing and proposed ACRP projects are available on ACRP’s website-- ACRP reports are now posted to the ACI-NA website on the day of their publication.)

Bill Dunlay, Pam Keidel-Adams, and Jim Harding then provide briefings on specific ACRP projects. Bill and Pam discussed ongoing Project 03-17, in which they are developing updated airfield capacity modeling methods and guidance; Jim discussed the aforementioned Report 52.Presentations from the session will be posted to ACI-NA’s website when we return from San Diego.