ACRP Synthesis 11-03/S02-19 Seeking Small Airport Participation

An Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) synthesis project is investigating the experience of airports with clean vehicles, fuels and practices implemented by private ground transportation fleets using the airports (11-03/Topic S02-19Clean Vehicles, Fuels, and Practices for Airport Private Ground Transportation Providers).

The goals of the project are to research and synthesize current industry practices in encouraging private ground transportation fleets to implement energy-saving practices at the airports, identify existing barriers and highlight the issues that airports should consider in interacting with private fleets and designing clean vehicle policies. This analysis intends to provide a valuable insight into current and future environmental needs and strategies of airports and ground transportation providers serving the airports.

As part of this effort, the Principal Investigator (Alexander Kolpakov) will be interviewing select airports from around the country and various types of ground transportation fleets serving the airports. The research team is seeking your assistance in identifying small airports (3 to 4 small hubs or non-hubs) that are willing to share their experience in interacting with private ground transportation providers (e.g. taxicabs, limos, shared ride vans, hotel/parking shuttles, rental car shuttles, transportation network companies, scheduled airport service) regarding clean vehicle policies and requirements.  The project team has plenty of large airports to interview, but is having difficulty in identifying smaller airports with clean vehicle programs affecting private fleets.

If your airport is interested or you have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out to Alex at or by phone at 813-974-4038.