ACRP Project 03-38: Understanding FAA Grant Assurance Obligations Webinar

AIP grants come with strings attached. There are 39 strings or “grant assurances” that can affect everything from airport leasing practices to pavement maintenance. Complying with these assurances is often challenging for small airports with minimal staff and failure to comply can disqualify these airports from federal funding.

The Research Team Members from ACRP Project 03-38: Understanding FAA Grant Assurance Obligations will conduct a webinar for members of the ACI-NA Small Airports Committee on Thursday, February 11 from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM EST that will examine the 39 grant assurances or “strings” attached to AIP grants that can affect small airports.

This webinar entitled, “The Golden Strings – Untying the Knot of FAA Grant Assurances” will explain how the ACRP has started a new project to produce a guidebook for complying with grant assurances to help airports of various size understand grant assurance obligations better. In this interactive session, you can share your experiences with grant compliance and the issues you have encountered, tell us the challenges you have faced in understanding and implementing the grant assurances, and let us know how we can structure the guidebook to best meet your needs.

Registration is required to participate in the free webinar.

The research team has created a questionnaire on the importance of the various grant assurances to begin to formulate your thoughts from a small airport perspective for this webinar.  We will be asking for your responses during the webinar

Why should I attend this webinar?

By participating in the webinar you learn from the experiences of other small airports in compliance with grant assurances and will help the research team answer the following questions:

  • What are the impacts of grant assurances on airport operations and management?
  • How well do you understand grant obligations? What resources have you been using to gain understanding?
  • What has your experience been related to compliance oversight, in particular FAA investigations under 14 CFR Part 13 and Part 16?
  • What information do you find most beneficial in a Guidebook and what how should it be organized to be the most helpful

For questions about the research project or the subject of the webinar, please contact Barry Molar, Unison Consulting, at 301.649.3304,, or Rose Agnew, Aviation Innovation, LLC at 314.604.6677,

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