ACRP to Emphasize IT Problem Statements in 2013

The Airport Cooperative Research Program has selected Information Technology in Airport Maintenance & Operations as their focus area in FY2013.  For more information please see the note below.  If you have a problem statement, please submit it to ACRP by March 2, 2012.

Information Technology in the Airport Maintenance and Operations Setting has been selected as the focus area for the FY2013 program.  The following is a description for this targeted subject area.

The AOC encourages problem statements that explore information technology systems and applications used in airport maintenance and operations. This area covers the systems, processes, practices, equipment, performance measures, and applications of information technology to improve safety and airport maintenance and operational efficiency and effectiveness. Specific objectives to enhance safety and improve efficiency and effectiveness (e.g., reduce cost, maximize situational awareness, ensure open architecture, minimize proprietary limitations, and avoid early obsolescence). Problem statements submitted should address the acquisition, operation, management, or preservation of such systems as well as the specific application to airport maintenance and operations.

A research problem statement outline can be downloaded at

You may review last year's problem statements at

Research problem statement submittals should follow the outline and may be submitted by anyone at any time. However, the deadline for submitting problems for consideration in the FY 2013 program is March 2, 2012. Problem statements may be submitted by e-mail to and it is preferred that the problem statement be sent as an attachment to the e-mail message in Microsoft Word format.

If you have questions or comments please contact:

Matt Griffin at or 202.293.4548
Aneil Patel at or 202.861.8089