ACI World Traffic Statistics

The ACI World Airport Traffic Report is the most comprehensive source of global airport traffic data available on the market – is based on traffic data from over 1350 airports. The introductory commentary focuses on trends at global and regional level.

World's Top 30 Airports (2000 – 2012) -- ACI Rankings (Passenger Traffic)

World’s Top 30 Airports (2000 – 2012) – ACI Rankings (Cargo Traffic)

World’s Top 30 Airports (2000 – 2012) – ACI Ranking (Traffic Movements)

ACI Quarterly Traffic Bulletin

The ACI Quarterly Traffic Bulletin is your resource of global traffic performance (passengers, freight and movements) from the previous quarter. Quarterly traffic growth is shown by region for both total and international traffic. The report also shows market share by airport size, airport growth by country, and corresponding GDP figures. Data analysis indicates the top growers and decliners along with top international airport growth, and global trade volumes.

Monthly Airport Traffic Report

ACI's Monthly Worldwide Airport Traffic report features detailed statistics on airports participating in the monthly collection. The report covers up-to-date passengers, cargo and aircraft movements.

Passenger Traffic

Cargo Traffic

Traffic Movements

International Passenger Traffic

International Freight

International Passenger & Freight Summary

Worldwide Airport Traffic Report Summary

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