ACI-NA Surveying on Rates and Charges

Executive Summary: ACI-NA is conducting a survey regarding the FAA Rates and Charges Policy to ensure that input from ACI-NA airport membership would be gathered in preparation for the FAA’s industry outreach meeting.

Link to the Rates and Charges Policy Survey:

Background: The FAA recently contacted ACI-NA indicating their desire to begin reviewing the agency’s Rates and Charges Policy. As part of the policy review, the FAA is seeking input from industry stakeholders including airports, airlines and the private sector.

The policy, linked below, has been in place since 1996 and was modified in 2008. The policy defines an airports’ ability to set rates and charges through regulation or ordinance. It sets the parameters for the airport/airline financial relationship, even for those airports with agreements.

The history of the policy has been marked by conflict as airlines have challenged the policy through litigation at individual airports since its inception. Many of the core issues raised in these legal actions have remained unresolved and the airlines are expected to push for greater influence in this next policy review.

As a result, the ACI-NA Finance Committee and the Legal Committee have formed a joint Rates and Charges Policy Review Taskforce and are seeking your opinion on issues related to the policy in advance of meetings with the FAA.

Please review the linked documents related to the policy and take the survey created by the Taskforce by clicking on this link:

Who is Impacted: All airports, and in particular, airports that are currently or maybe potentially setting rates and charges by ordinance.

Suggested Airport Actions:Please fill out the survey form to the best of your ability and return it to Liying Gu at no later than Friday, August 30, 2013. Please coordinate among respondents from your airport to submit one response per organization.  

Reference Materials:

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ACI-NA Contact: Liying Gu (202-861-8084) or Matt Cornelius (202-861-8097)

This notice is being sent to the U.S. airport members of the Finance Committee and U.S. airport Official Representatives.