ACI-NA Raises Concerns On Airport Field Condition Assessments and Winter Operations Safety AC at CAST And In Letter to FAA

Today’s Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) meeting included a update from FAA’s Office of Aviation Safety, Office of Airports and Air Traffic Organization on the Take Off and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA).  FAA indicated that the October 1 implementation date would not be extended.

ACI-NA Executive Vice President Debby McElroy attended the meeting to express the airport community’s significant safety concerns about the planned October 1 deadline given the limited outreach from FAA to airports to prepare for the changes they are expected to implement in eight weeks. She requested that FAA take the following actions:

  • Make NOTAM Manager available in a “sandbox mode” for airport operator familiarization and training as soon as possible;
  • Within the next week, provide a plan for airport operator outreach including  dates when coordination activities and teleconferences will be held, identification of the airport operators FAA will include in them, and the mechanisms by which airport operators can obtain answers to questions about field reporting requirements and the use of NOTAM Manager; and
  • Schedule weekly conference calls with the airport community over the next eight weeks to review outreach progress and assess airport readiness to utilize NOTAM Manager.

A letter from ACI-NA President & CEO Kevin Burke requesting that FAA immediately implement the actions above was also sent to Eddie Angeles, Associate Administrator for Airports; Teri BristolChief Operating Officer, Air Traffic Organization; and Peggy Gilligan, Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety.The letter requested that FAA delay implementation of the changes in the event their safe implementation cannot be assured based on feedback received in these coordination meetings.

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