ACI-NA Presses Regulatory, Visa Issues

The Facilitation Committee addresses issues related to the facilitation of international travel and trade through improvements of government and industry approaches to international cargo and passengers.  Byford Treanor, III, DFW, serves as Chair and Ron Lewis, Orlando, serves as Vice Chair of the Facilitation Committee.    

ACI-NA staff have submitted comments and met with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Department of Homeland Security officials (DHS) on a variety of occasions to discuss the staffing and facility issues, seamless travel initiative, model ports program, cargo requirements, and user fee airport concerns.

Most recently, ACI-NA submitted comments on burdensome CBP regulations as part of its broader filing on DHS regulations.  It recommended CBP make the Global Entry Program permanent to expand it to additional airports; eliminate the National Security Entry and Exit Registration System (NSEERS) process; eliminate the I-94 and General Customs Declaration forms, and examine ways to revive a secure air transit program.  ACI-NA urged CBP to be flexible in applying its Airport Technical Design Standards and its Memoranda with user fee airports.

ACI-NA met with the Department of States’ Bureau of Consular Affairs about U.S. airport concerns that the visa process discourages travel to the United States.   It signed a travel industry letter to President Obama urging discussions with Brazil and Chile on a roadmap to joining the Visa Waiver Program so their citizens would not require U.S. visas.