ACI-NA Leadership


Board of Directors

ACI-NA's Board of Directors includes:

  • 4 officers elected annually by the Members (Chair, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Secretary-Treasurer), at least one of whom must be an official representative of a U.S. airport and one from a Canadian airport
  • Immediate Past Chairman of ACI-NA
  • Immediate Past Chairman of the Commissioners' Committee
  • Chair, Canadian Council of Chairs
  • Associate Members' Representative
  • 15 Directors elected by the ACI-NA, 11 of whom represent U.S. airports and 4 of whom represent Canadian airports.

Six of the 11 Directors are elected from a combination of Classes C and D of the U.S. Members, and 4 from a combination of Classes A and B of the U.S. Members. The Canadian representatives include the Chair and Vice Chair of the Canadian Policy Board, one representatives of the Canadian Small Airports Caucus and one representative from the Canadian Large Airports Caucus and a representative of their choosing from the Canadian Policy Board. All Directors are Official Representatives of an Airport or an Associate Member, except for the Immediate Past Chairman of the Commissioners Committee and the Chair of the Canadian Council of Chairs.

In addition, there are two Advisory Boards to the Board of Directors:

WBP/Associates Board of Directors

ACI-NA’s WBP/Associates Board of Directors is comprised of:

  • 2 officers elected annually by the WBP/Associates Board members (Chair and Vice Chair)
  • Immediate Past Chair of the WBP/Associates Board
  • Immediate Past Chairman of ACI-NA
  • 10 Directors elected by the ACI-NA World Business Partner and Associate Members.

All members of the WBP/Associates Board, with the exception of the Immediate Past Chairman of ACI-NA, are elected for three-year terms.  All WBP/Associates Board members are either Official Representatives or Alternate Representatives of companies at the Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Airport-Related Business, Small Business, or Sole Proprietor level of membership.


Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs are generally elected by their peers for a one or two-year term, at the discretion of the committee.

ACI-NA’s 17 committees ensure that airport officials have the latest information on regulatory and industry issues.  From Air Cargo to Business Diversity to Environmental and Operations and Technical Affairs, these groups develop policy, legislative and regulatory comments for the benefit of the airport industry.

Committee members also discuss issues of common interest and plan conference programs so the content is relevant to what’s happening at North American airports.  Each committee gets individual staff attention as its members help to facilitate meetings, industry projects and conference planning.