ACI-NA Launches AIP Survey

Executive Summary: ACI-NA is conducting a survey to ensure that the full impact of “the AIP grab” to fix FAA furloughs is documented and publicized during the appropriations process for FY 2014. The survey results will help inform lawmakers and the traveling public of the real-life implications of reduced AIP funding since the industry is at risk for potential AIP cuts from sequestration for FY 2014 as in FY 2013.

Link to the AIP Survey:

Who is Impacted: All airports that receive AIP grants.

Suggested Airport Actions:Please fill out the survey form to the best of your ability and return it to Liying Gu at lgu@aci-na.orgno later than Thursday, August 1, 2013. 

Background: The first half of 2013 proved to be a challenging time for the U.S. aviation industry as the federal government wrestled with the impact of sequestration and various elements of the industry fought the draconian measures brought about by the Budget Control Act.

The FAA air traffic system was the most visible victim of the sequester with a 10% workforce reduction (through scheduled furlough days) to implement the funding cuts. This resulted in significant flight delays throughout the United States, prompting Congress to use $253 million in unobligated FY2013 Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding to end the air traffic controller furloughs (as well as the elimination of contract towers and contract weather observers).

While fixing the air traffic controller situation was necessary to alleviate random and severe air traffic delays, ACI-NA was disappointed when AIP funds were used to fill this gap. AIP is a vital financing instrument for airports, particularly when other financing avenues are becoming more and more constrained.

To this end, ACI-NA has developed a short survey to identify those projects that would have been funded but are now going unfunded as a result of a shortfall in AIP funds. Your input will be critical to raising awareness of the serious consequences caused by this reduction in AIP funding. 

ACI-NA Contact: Liying Gu(202-861-8084) or Matt Cornelius(202-861-8097)