ACI-NA Comments on U.S.-Canada Beyond the Border Action Plan

On January 13, ACI-NA filed comments on the United States-Canada Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision on Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness: Action Plan with the Department of Homeland Security.  The Action Plan was announced by President Obama and Prime Minister Harper on December 7. 

ACI-NA’s welcomed the Action Plan as a good first step in improving the facilitation of US-Canada air travel and trade. We encouraged the governments to coordinate with ACI-NA on the Action Plan’s aviation components.  ACI-NA supported the Action Plan’s risk-based approach which ACI-NA has long advocated to DHS.

ACI-NA applauded the following two main aviation benefits from the Action Plan:

  • Process for phasing out the requirement for rescreening connecting checked baggage arriving at U.S. gateway airports by March 31, 2015 as Canada deploys TSA-certified Explosive Detection Systems at preclearance airports. 

    ACI-NA has been working on potential solutions for years with TSA, DHS and Congress as rescreening connecting checked baggage drains limited resources and inconveniences passengers without providing meaningful security benefits.

  • Emphasis on expanding the number of NEXUS members and enhancing the benefits for NEXUS members.

    ACI-NA has long supported trusted traveler programs.  We commended the Plan for immediately allowing NEXUS members to use trusted traveler lanes to clear security at Canadian airports prior to boarding flight to the US.  ACI-NA encouraged TSA to allow Canadian citizens to participate in its Preüpilot program.

    ACI-NA urged CBP to coordinate with ACI-NA and other associations on Plan’s joint marketing campaign to promote trusted traveler programs so we can maximize the marketing potential.

ACI-NA comments also touched on cargo security screening, trusted trader programs, preclearance operations, and air passenger and airline fees.

US-Canada Beyond the Border Action Plan