ACI-NA Asks FAA to Delay New Field Condition Reporting Requirements

In response to serious member concerns regarding pending changes in field condition reporting requirements that will occur on October 1, ACI-NA President & CEO Kevin Burke sent a letter to senior FAA officials this morning. In the letter, we asked FAA to delay implementation of these requirements—particularly new wet condition reporting requirements—until all key stakeholder groups are fully familiar with their use.

The letter did acknowledge FAA’s efforts since mid-August to provide additional information to airport operators and other stakeholders regarding the new requirements, including a series of webinars held from mid-August through mid-September in which numerous airport operators participated. These webinars, which ACI-NA requested in a letter sent to FAA on August 4, informed airport operators about the scope and scale of the reporting changes, but also unearthed a number of critical questions and implementation issues associated with the requirements, a number of which remain open.

The letter calls attention to these issues and notes our strong concerns about the exceedingly short timeline airport operators, flight operators, and air traffic controllers have been provided for training and familiarization in the use of the new requirements and resulting field condition reports.

We note that this request echos those we made in April 2016, when we first commented on draft reporting requirements.

Despite our letter, we strongly recommend that all airport operators continue preparations for implementation of the new requirements on October 1, as there is no guarantee that the FAA will adjust its implementation timetable.

If your airport would like to express concerns about the new field condition reporting requirements, we encourage you to contact FAA as soon as possible.  ACI-NA can provide you with points of contact and additional information if you plan to do so