ACI-NA Applauds Canada’s Expansion of NEXUS Benefits

On Tuesday February 14th, the Honorable Denis Lebel, Canadian Minister of Transport, Infrastructure, and Communities announced that NEXUS members flying to the United States would now be allowed to access designated CATSA security lanes for faster service. The designated lanes will be available at Canada’s eight largest airports (Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver) at both domestic and international check-points.

In response to the announcement, ACI-NA released the following statement: “ACI-NA has long advocated for a risk-based approach to aviation security that also facilitates improvement in customer service,” said Principato.  “We welcome the Canadian Government’s implementation of this element in the Canada/United States’ Beyond the Border Action Plan because it will allow passengers bound for the United States to move efficiently through security at Canada’s eight largest airports.  This improvement in the security process should encourage more U.S. and Canadian citizens to enroll in the NEXUS Program which in turn will further enhance both security and facilitation.” 

“Today’s announcement marks an important early milestone in the Beyond the Border Action Plan and further improves the passenger benefits for participants in the NEXUS program,” said Daniel-Robert Gooch, president of the CAC, a division of ACI-NA.  “Through our active Security Committee, Canada’s airports work collaboratively with the federal government and other industry stakeholders to improve the traveler experience while ensuring the integrity of our secure skies.”

The press release from Transport Canada can be found here: