ACI-NA Adopts New Sustainable Conference Guidelines

The Environmental Affairs Committee is pleased to announce the adoption of the "ACI-NA Sustainable Conference Guidelines", which have been finalized in time for the 2016 ACI-NA / ACI World Annual Conference / World Annual General Assembly!

ACI-NA developed these Sustainable Conference Guidelines to help us continually improve our conferences to ensure they are economically robust, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible – all while providing excellent programming.  These guidelines not only describe what ACI-NA has been doing for many years, but also outline additional steps we hope to take in the future as we incorporate sustainability into our operations.   Where practicable, ACI-NA will take steps to address our conference waste, greenhouse gas emissions, vendor and venue relationships, charitable activities, attendee wellness, and other conference planning activities that have an environmental and social impact.  

Among the many initiatives outlined in the guidelines, ACI-NA launched a new sponsorship opportunity for the purchase of carbon offsets to cover attendee air travel to and from our events.  Participants in this year's Environmental Affairs Workshop can fly easy knowing that their CO2 emissions have been offset with the purchase of high-quality, verified offsets from a local Quebec project.  Many thanks to C&S Companies and Haley Aldrich for sponsoring for the inaugural carbon offset program!  And a big thank you to San Diego International Airport's The Good Traveler program as well for facilitating this exciting new program!

Click on the attachment below to download the guidelines. 

aci-na_sustainable_conference_guidelines_montreal_9.16.pdf1.56 MB