ACI-NA Achieves Success Working with FAA on Airport Financial Reporting


Over the last three years, ACI-NA has worked with FAA and ATA to modify the Form 127 to provide improved categories and definitions for a more accurate picture of airport finances. FAA has incorporated our suggestions into the CATS database and the new form was launched on June 23rd. Please find a letter from Greg detailing how ACI achieves success working with FAA on airport financial reporting at: to ORs on unrestricted assets 060711(1).pdf .


All US airport directors should have already received a letter from FAA requesting that airports make all necessary corrections to the FY2009 data and update the FY2010 report. The letter explains all the changes that have been made. Airports are given 30 days to complete this process. Click here to access a sample letter.


FAA has also updated the Advisory Circular providing guidance for airport sponsors on using the revised form. You may access the updated Advisory Circular at: