ACI-NA 2010-2011 Small Airports Participation Plan

I.   Committee Purpose

Committee Mission: The ACI-NA Small Airports Committee provides a single forum to address issues and concerns faced by small commercial service airports in North America with a special emphasis on the development of programs and policies to assist airports with limited resources.

Participants receive information from ACI-NA staff on issues of importance to small, non-hub and general aviation airports; network with their colleagues from other airports and aviation-related companies to evaluate small airport issues; provide guidance on ACI-NA policy positions; and hold meetings and seminars to advance understanding of small airport issues.


Guiding Principles include:

  • To actively provide the ACI-NA Board and other ACI-NA Committees with input to key policy and legislative issues pertaining to small airports.
  • To provide leadership in identifying and solving issues effecting small airports.
  • To share ideas and exchange information on issues pertaining to small airports.

II.    Committee Participation

Participation is open to all employees of ACI-NA member organizations. Each ACI-NA Official Representative will designate one member as the principal contact for the Committee.  In addition, any individual employed by a member organization may also join the Committee by simply asking the Committee Chair or Secretary to be placed on the Committee list.


III.  Committee Officers/Leadership Team

The Small Airports Committee Officers/Leadership Team is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, Board Representative, Commissioner Representative, as well as Immediate Past Chair.

Additionally, the Small Airports Committee as a whole will be assisted by an ACI-NA staff liaison, appointed by ACI-NA, who will work directly with members in the mutual effort to satisfy the goals and objectives of ACI-NA and the Committee.

Each Committee Officer will serve for a two-year term, with the exception of the Commissioner Representative.  Terms shall run for two consecutive years, beginning January 1 through December 31 of each year.

To facilitate continuity, at the end of the Chair’s term, the Vice-Chair will become the Committee Chair.

The Vice-Chair will be selected by the Chair, subject to the Steering Group’s approval at the annual conference Steering Group meeting.  The Vice-Chair is also subject to approval by the First Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors, as in accordance with the ACI-NA by-laws.

The ACI-NA Board of Directors will appoint a Board Representative to participate in the leadership group.

The ACI-NA Commissioners Committee will also appoint, on an annual basis, a Commissioner Representative to participate in the Committee leadership.

In the case of a Committee Officer resigning or deciding he or she can no longer serve, the following shall apply:

  • If the Chair resigns or can no longer serve, then the Vice-Chair will assume the Chair position for the remainder of that term, and may serve in this position for one additional 2 year term.
  • If the Vice-Chair resigns or can no longer serve, a new Vice-Chair will be selected.  The new Vice-Chair must be approved by the First Vice-Chair of the Board of Director, as in accordance with the ACI-NA by-laws.
  • If the ACI-NA Board Liaison resigns or can no longer serve, then the ACI-NA Board Chair will select a new ACI-NA Board Liaison.
  • If the Commissioners’ Liaison resigns or can no longer serve, then the ACI-NA Commissioners’ Committee will select a new Commissioners liaison. 


IV.  Committee Meetings

The Small Airports Committee shall meet a minimum of four times per year, including:  1) ACI-NA Winter Board Meeting; 2) ACI-NA Spring Legislative Conference 3) ACI-NA Small Airports Summer Conference 4) ACI-NA Annual Conference


V.    Steering Group

PurposeThe Committee Steering Group provides guidance in reviewing and analyzing issues related to small airports, as needed; helps formulate policies that are presented to the full Committee for approval and ultimately recommend to the Board of Directors; and assists in planning Committee meetings and conferences.

Size:  The Steering Group is comprised of 20 members, including the Committee Leadership and Board Liaison. There should only be one representative on the Steering Group from each airport and at least one representative from an ACI-NA Associate member.

Participation/Membership Requirements:  Membership on the Steering Group is open to active Committee members.  Steering Group members must attend at least two of the four Committee meetings each year.  The full Committee Chair can waive this requirement for good cause.

Term Limits:  Initially, no term limits for Steering Group membership will be established.  Historically, membership in the Steering Group regularly becomes available through natural attrition.  However, membership turnover will be tracked to determine if terms limits need to be instituted in order to provide opportunities for new participants in the Steering Group.

Encouraging New Participation:  At the annual conference Committee meeting each year, the Committee Chair will provide information on the duties, requirements, and commitment for participation in the Steering Group, announce vacancies, and request that anyone interested contact the Committee Secretary.

New Members:   The Committee Chair and Vice Chair jointly select, and submit for new approval to the Steering Group, nominees to fill vacancies on the Steering Group.  During this selection process, the Chair and Vice Chair will endeavor to maintain broad geographic diversity among Committee members.