2017 ACI-NA Excellence in Airport Concessions Awards Opens

ACI-NA is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 ACI-NA Excellence in Airport Concessions Awards. It is a unique opportunity for our industry to recognize success and innovation in commercial programs at airports of all sizes.

Over 30 awards were given in 2016 in various categories encompassing almost all aspects of airport concessions. Categories included Best Food & Beverage Program, Best New Retail Concept, Best “Green” Concession Practice or Concept Category, and Best New Consumer Services Concept, just to name a few. Also, ACI-NA will present the Richard A. Griesbach Award for Excellence that recognizes an outstanding overall concession program.

Any ACI-NA member (airport or associate) may fill out the online 2017 Call for Entry Nomination Form and submit it by no later than December 23, 2016. Please note that 2016 first place winners cannot be nominated this year for the same category but can be nominated in a different category.

Only self-submissions are permitted this year – no exceptions. For example, if you are an airport member, you can only submit an entry for a program operating at your airport. If you are a concessionaire, you can only submit an entry for a concept that your company operates.

Airport Members: Please forward this email to your concessionaires, if you would like them to submit a nomination for a specific concept(s) at your airport.

Visit www.aci-na.org/concessions-awards to download the Call for Entry Form.

The awards will be announced at the 2017 Business of Airports Conference in Palm Springs, CA in April 2017.  We hope you'll join us to help salute the many airports and organizations that have taken steps to grow and develop our industry.

For further questions or concerns, please contact awards@aci-na.org or by phone at (202) 293-8500.