2016 JumpStartĀ® Air Service Development Conference



Monday, June 13

Keynote Address (Presentation not available)

  • Barry Biffle, President and CEO, Frontier Airlines


Glory Lost and Found: How Delta Climbed from Despair to Dominance in the Post-9/11 Era


Aviation Reporters’ Perspective (No presentations)

  • Trevor Hughes, Reporter, USA TODAY
  • Brent Jang, Reporter, The Globe and Mail
  • Kristen Painter, Staff Writer, Business News, Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • Madhu Unnikrishnan, Editor in Chief, Aviation Daily


Industry Update


Plane Talk: WestJet


Plane Talk: OneJet


Plane Talk: Southwest (Presentation not available)

  • David Harvey, Managing Director, Business Development Southwest


Plane Talk: JetBlue


Air Service Wins: A Celebration (No presentations)

  • Brad DiFiore, Managing Director, Ailevon Pacific Aviation Consulting
  • Kevin Schorr, Vice President, Campbell-Hill Aviation Group, LLC