2015 Legal Affairs Spring Conference

April 15 - April 18, 2015 - New Orleans, LA

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Wednesday, April 15


Legislative Update – FAA Reauthorization and Other Legislative Issues

How can Airports Adapt to Airline Industry Changes?  Challenges for Negotiating Airline Agreements and Other Impacts on Airports 


Thursday, April 16


What Are -- and What Should Be -- the Requirements for the National Air Traffic Control Service Provider to Consult with Airports and Communities When Making Revisions to Flight Tracks and Procedures that Change the Impacts on Communities?


Friday, April 17


General Aviation Legal Issues: Airport Rules and Regulations, and Minimum Standards; FBO Issues; FAA Policy on Non-Aviation User of Hangars; Seizure of Aircraft on Airport Property by Third Parties

Issues Relating to Workers for Airlines, Contractors, and Concessionaires: Labor Peace, Living Wage Issues

First Amendment Implications of Social Issues at Airports - Picketing, Demonstrations, and More

Lawyers, Guns, and Money – How can airports ensure public safety while complying with open carry laws and other Second Amendment initiatives?

How do airports deal with different legal standards for marijuana possession in different jurisdictions?


Saturday, April 18


Droning on: Airport Challenges Relating to the Emergence of Domestic Operations of So-Called Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs)

TSA Update – Hot topics/discussion with TSA Chief Counsel

A Well-Grounded Transportation Policy: Update on Ride-Booking, Car-Sharing, and Taxi-Related Issues.  Legal concerns regarding impacts on parking and rental car operations