2013 Operations & Technical Affairs Conference

March 4 – 7, 2013  ♦ St. Petersburg, FL

Attached are the speaker presentations provided during the 2013 ACI-NA Operations and Technical Affairs Conference on March 4–7, 2013.

March 5

Session 1: Asset Management—It's Not Just for Maintenance Anymore

Session 2: Airport/Aircraft Compatibility—Manufacturers’ Updates

Session 3: Dude, Where’s My Data? Evolving Challenges in Sharing Data Among Airports and Air Traffic

Session 4—Working Group Workshops, Part 1

Construction & Project Delivery Working Group

Maintenance & Facilities Working Group

NextGen Working Group

Session 5—Working Group Workshops, Part 2

Operations & Safety Working Group

Planning & Development Working Group

Session 6—Working Group Reports

  • No Presentations

March 6

Session 7—View from ACI-NA Leadership and Host Airport Welcome

  • No Presentations

Session 8—Airport Safety Management Systems: What’s Working and What’s Not?

Session 9—Baggage System Recapitalization and Optimization

Session 10—Airport Design Changes in FAA AC 150/5300-13A: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Session 11—FAA Office of Airports Briefing

Session 12— Airport Roundtable

  • No Presentations

March 7

Session 13— Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Preparation, Response, & Recovery?

Session 14— Controlling Obstructions in the Vicinity of Airports: Evolving Challenges

  • Ryan Hall, San Diego International Airport
  • Bob Ori, Planning Technologies, Inc.

Session 15— FAA Airport Technologies Research Program and ACI-NA Update