2013 Marketing and Communications Conference

June 3-6, 2013 • Atlanta

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MONDAY, June 3

Air Service Working Group


Keynote Address
Introdctions: Louis Miller, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta 
  • Speaker: Ed Bastian, Delta Air Lines, President
State of the Industry (with Small Airports Committee)
Moderator: Lucinda Harshman, Pittsburgh
  • Speaker: George Hamlin, Hamlin Transportation Consulting, President

The Impact of Airline Mergers (with Small Airports Committee)
Airline mergers have had a significant impact on airports of all sizes, both positive and negative.  Some speculate that the merger frenzy is over while others think additional consolidation could be down the road amongst the LCCs.  This session will be a comprehensive review of the impact of mergers from both the airport and airline side.  How have mergers impacted small and large airports, including hubs, and, more importantly, how have airports worked with the airlines and their communities to manage expectations and mitigate the impact?  What drives airlines to pursue mergers and what can airports do to retain service post-merger?  What led to the AirTran-Southwest merger and what lessons have been learned along the way?

Moderator: Bryant Francis, Shreveport

Networking Lunch and Preview of 2014 Conference in Edmonton 

Airports-Airlines, Communicating in Times of Crisis
In times of major weather events, Airports and Airlines are often in the cross-hairs when it comes to managing transportation operations, logistics and communications with internal and external customers. Super Storm Sandy that hit the East Coast in October is just one of the latest tests. In this session, find out how the New York airports and Delta Air Lines prepared and worked through the storm to sustain their operations while working together to share information to tackle customer service and public relations challenges.
Moderator: Emily Richard, Nashville


  • Gail Grimmett, Delta Air Lines
  • Ralph Tragale, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Air Service Concurrent 1:
Ensuring Route Success After the Incentives Run Out
There is rarely a better day at the airport than when an airline inaugurates a new route. New service launches with social media campaigns, gate celebrations, elaborate cakes and water cannon salutes help raise community awareness. Creative incentive packages defer short-term costs and mitigate risk for the airline. But what happens when an incumbent airline informs the airport that economics have changed and a 10-year-old route has become unprofitable? This session will highlight successful service retention strategies from both airline and airport experts to help your airport find success over the long haul.
Moderator: Justin Meyer, Tampa 
Air Service Concurrent 2:
Airline Showcase
With record JumpStart attendance, some airlines are unable to accommodate all of the airports’ meeting requests.  Since these carriers have limited resources but want to reach out to as many delegates as possible, they have agreed to participate in our debut airline showcase.  The purpose of this session is for the most oversubscribed carriers to tell you everything they want you to know or would tell you during an actual JumpStart meeting.  Limited Q&A will be permitted after the airline representatives have spoken.
Moderator: Brian Belcher, Charleston Yeager 
  • David Doty, Southwest Airlines
  • David “Chip” Gentry, Silver Airways
  • Steve Hedden, Delta Air Lines
  • Clint Ostler, Alaska Airlines
Media Relations Concurrent 1:
Concession Marketing: Smart Moves at Every Level
This session provides solid marketing guidance at every stage of the concessions business – from how you manage media during your RFP process to how you accommodate your customers during the transition and after the grand opening.  And, when it comes to marketing your concessions, parking is “king,” but other revenue streams abound. 
Part I: Savvy Marketing Before, During and After a Concessions Changeover
  • Cheryl Brown, San Diego 
  • Myrna White, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta  
  • Sonji Jacobs, Atlanta Mayor’s Director of Communications
Part II: Concessions Case Studies:  Maximizing Your Revenue through Marketing

Media Relations Concurrent 2:
Airport Social Media Open Forum
During this open forum, five experienced airport social media practitioners addressed hot topics and the most frequently asked questions.

Moderator: Katie Jones, San Diego


  • Megan Bozarth, Dallas/Fort Worth 
  • Lindsay Cotter, Prince George 
  • John McCullough, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta 
  • Richard Walsh, Logan 


Canadian Policy Update
Daniel-Robert Gooch will deliver a review of policy developments in Canadian aviation over the last year, including the launch of Transport Canada-led policy roundtables, the two-part conclusion of the Senate’s  excursions into Canada’s aviation sector, third-party investigations from the Conference Board of Canada and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, as well as the CAC’s own advocacy and policy exercises through an independently sourced economic impact study and air transport policy white paper.
Moderator: Carol Hutchins, Edmonton Regional 

Speaker: Daniel-Robert Gooch, Canadian Airports Council, President

U.S. Policy Update

Brand Marketing: Lessons We Can All Learn from Coke
As airports examine their own identities, how they brand themselves remains at the core. Hear how Coke’s marketing strategy helps this icon maintain brand relevance year after year, attracting a new generation of consumers while maintaining a loyal customer base -- even while targeting a global market. We also will take a look at what it takes to regain momentum after a stumble.
Moderator: Myrna White, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
Speaker: Joe Tripodi, Coca-Cola, Chief Marketing Officer and Commercial Officer
Airports for the Future: Trends for Serving Tomorrow's Travelers
The airport environment is rapidly changing from little more than an infrastructure provider for airlines to an integral part of the travel value chain. Where airlines previously “owned” the passenger experience, airports are becoming more entrepreneurial and changing the way they operate. Speaker Bob Hazel, of Oliver Wyman, wrote two reports in 2012 looking down the road, The Future of Airports: Five Trends that Should Be on Every Airport's Radar, and The Future of Airports: Eight Ways Airports Can Differentiate Themselves from Competitors
Moderator: Cheryl Brown, San Diego
Airline Roundtable: Evolution of Regional International Service
International connectivity within North America, the Caribbean and Central America is evolving at a fast pace due to increased seats, competition and growing cultural, tourism and business market links.  Fragmented and newer gateways have been met with airline fleet and pricing models opening up new route launches within the short-haul international market in North America. This market segment has been key to track for smaller border airports, large hub gateways, inbound destinations and markets with high traffic. This session will focus on hearing from airline and airport representatives about the new focus on regional international travel that has been a prominent focus for many airport and community stakeholders.
Moderator: Howard Mann, InterVistas, Vice President
  • Evan Berg, Southwest Airlines
  • Joshua Powe, JetBlue Airways
  • Maria Revelo, Juan Santamaria 
Lunch: Communications Contest Awards Presentation
The 23nd Annual Peggy G. Hereford Award for Overall Excellence in Marketing and Communications Programs will be presented along with the winners in the contest’s 20 categories. For the second year, the awards will be presented “Academy Award” style with the winners not announced until the presentation.
Master of Ceremonies: Carlos Diaz, HLN, Sports Anchor
Media Relations Concurrent 3:
Practical Airport PR Forum
In the Practical Airport PR Forum, we are doing away with slideshows, panelists and formal seating arrangements.  This group will explore messages on current airport issues including coordinating social and traditional media outreach, airport branding, capital projects and the community benefits, filming policy in a reality-TV age, and air service development. Instead, we will use a theater-in-the-round seating with our moderators working the audience. In this 75-minute session, the format will be a brief 5-minute presentation by an airport peer who is recognized to have some expertise on the topic. Then it is an open forum for attendees to share their stories and ask questions. 
Moderators: Carolyn Fennell, Orlando and Krista Kealey, Ottawa 
  • Greg Chin, Miami (video)
  • Mindy Hamlin, Raleigh-Durham  
  • Pat Hogan, Minneapolis-St Paul 
  • Joe McBride, Kansas City 
  • Patricia Rowe, General Mitchell
  • Richard Walsh, Logan 
Media Relations Concurrent 4:
Media Training with CNN
In the age of the internet and social media, the news cycle waits for no one! This session is designed to be interactive and fun.  On the first day a roaming “news” crew will pose as a local reporter, asking you questions about something happening at your airport, or a national aviation issue that could affect your airport. Your responses will be recorded and used the next day in the media training session, where a panel including a media trainer, a reporter and a seasoned airport communications specialist will offer advice and observations.
Moderator: Alison Hashimoto, CNN Airport, Managing Editor


  • Nadia Bilchik, Greater Impact Communications, Media Trainer and CNN Freelance Anchor
  • Carolyn Fennell, Orlando
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