2013 Legal Affairs Spring Conference

May 15, 2013 - May 18, 2013 / Seattle, WA

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Wednesday, May 15

Session 1: Setting the Stage----What’s the Big Deal About Grant Assurances?

Session 5: Airport Access—Roads and Trains

Thursday, May 16

Session 7: Revenue Diversion—--Getting to “Yes” but How to Say “NO” when you have to

Session 8: Sample Grant Assurance Provisions for Your Contracts

Friday, May 17

Session 10: Litigation Update Session

Session 12: Pending FAA Regulations and Advisory Circulars that Could Impact your Airport---What You Should Be Concerned About---from Safety Management Systems to the Airport Compliance Manual to Airport Noise Issues and more

Session 14: Funding with PFCs and What You Should Know

Session 15: U. S. Government Affairs and ACI-NA Airport Funding Policy Campaign Update

Session 17: Guns at Airports: Rights and Restrictions---Common Fact Scenarios

Saturday, May 18


Session 18: From Conflict to Candor to Cannabis