2010 Concessions Benchmarking Survey Results

At the 2010 ACI-NA Airport Concession Conference in Phoenix, ACI-NA presented preliminary survey findings of their Airport Concessions Benchmarking Survey. The data from the survey includes concession revenue from more than 60 airports, representing 55 percent of passenger traffic in the United States and 65 percent of traffic in Canada.

“Airports recognize the importance of customer-centric concessions programs,” said Greg Principato, president of ACI-NA. “Our survey data overwhelmingly show that airports understand that competition is not only important in air service but also in providing a variety of concessionaire offerings.”

Ninety-five percent of the responding airports are collecting passenger information in order to better meet the needs and expectations of air travelers.  Specifically, airports conduct price surveys, routinely meet with concessionaires, and contract outside audits to ensure that food & beverage and news and specialty retail establishments are meeting quality standards.

From an airport revenue standpoint, ACI-NA benchmarking data shows that on average customers spent $4 on food and beverage and $2.72 on news, gift and specialty retail per enplanement in 2009.

Airport data reported to the FAA indicate that total revenue from terminal concessions (food, beverage, retail and services) was $1.41 billion in 2009, down 4 percent from 2008 ($1.47 billion). Revenue from food and beverage programs at U.S. airports represents 33 percent of the total 2009 terminal concessions revenue; retail represents about 40 percent.

“In addition to fixed retail, airports’ carts and kiosks program provide small businesses the opportunity to have a presence in concession programs as well as enable airports to cater to ever-evolving market trends and demands,” said Principato.
The survey results were released during the 2010 ACI-NA Airport Concessions Conference in Phoenix, which brings together more than 300 representatives of the North American airport concessions industry.

Participating airports will receive full access to an interactive database. Please click here to access the presentation.

If you have any questions, please contact Aneil Patel at apatel@aci-na.org