Leadership - Finance Committee


Andrew Rountree
Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Metropolitan Washington Airport

Vice Chair
Randy Bush
Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Second Vice Chair
Catherine Kloepfer 
Senior Vice President Corporate Services & CFO
Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc.

Associate Member Officer 
Sharon Sarmiento (3-year)
Union Consulting

Board Liaison
Rochelle Cameron
Chief Executive Officer
Philadelphia International Airport

Immediate Past Chair 
Dave Armstrong
Finance Director
Spokane International Airport


Large Hub Airports

Max Underwood (1-year)
Vice President for Finance
Dallas/Fort Worth International AIrport

Scott Brickner (3-year)
Vice President, Finance and Asset Management/Treasurer
San Diego County regional Airport Authority

Damian Brooke (3-year)
Vice President of Finance/IT
Tampa International Airport

Greg Richardson (4-year)
Deputy General Manager & CFO
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Jay DeWitt (4-year)
Deputy Aviation Director/CFO
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Medium Hub Airports

Sylvia Ambrogio (2-year)
Sacramento County Airport System

Brian McGonagle (3-year)
Department Director of Finance
Lee County Port Authority Southwest Florida

Tatiana Starostina (4-year)
Manager of Financial Planning
Oakland International Airport


Small Hub / Non Hub Airports

Brian Mulcahy (2-year) 
Director of Finance
Des Moines Airport Authority

John Schubert (3-year)
Senior Director of Finance and Information Technology
Tuscon Airport Authority


Canadian Airport Representative

Rob Malli (4-year)
Chief Financial Officer & Vice President, Corporate Services
Edmonton Regional Airports Authority


Associate Representatives

Dafang Wu (2-year)
Associate Director

Ken Cushine (2-year)
Frasca & Associates, LLC

Sheri Ernico (3-year)

William (Bill) Case (4-year)
Public Financial Management, Inc.

Nadine Mentor (4-year)
Senior Vice President
Samuel A. Ramirez & Co., Inc.


Past Chair Ex-Officio Representative (3-year)

Cindy Nichol
Chief Financial Officer
Portland International Airport

Strategic Partner Ex-Officio 
Kristina Lee Woodward
Vice President
Ricondo & Associates, Inc.

Commissioner Liaison
Farad Ali

Authority Member
Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

HR Committee Liaison
Kurt Gering

Director, Talent, Culture & Capability
San Diego County Regional Airport Authority