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A [Jolly] Good Fellow

By Stephenie Brooks
Since I was the one pushing to take pictures to capture Greg’s birthday gathering with the ACI-NA staff , the honor fell on me to write this blog post.  No seriously, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to write a few words about Greg Principato, ACI-NA president, baseball enthusiast, dead-president aficionado, cake lover, and . . . . forgive me I digress.

Brett, Nancy and Greg.

Last week was Greg’s birthday. The exact date I’m sure of, but how old he is I’m not. I know if I were to ask him he would easily and gladly share that information. That is the kind of guy Greg is. He is open, honest and most of all – passionate about standing up for airports and ensuring that federal legislation and regulations are not over-reaching and burdensome.

Just last week, Greg spoke at the ACI-NA Airport Economics and  Human Capital Conference in Phoenix and was quite clear on where he stood.  “That is why it is so frustrating that the U.S. government joins with airlines to keep a boot on the neck of the airport economic engine.   Make no mistake:  by Washington joining with the airlines to limit the ability of airports in this country to provide for the transportation needs of the community, a very large boot is being placed on the neck of economic growth in this part of the world,” Greg said to the attendees gathered in Phoenix. “It is ironic that this is occurring at the very time when governments and airlines and airports in other parts of the world have figured out that this is exactly the wrong thing to do, have adjusted course, and are charting exciting futures of commerce and growth for themselves.”

Clearly the man doesn’t mince words. He’s the kind of guy you want on your side and the leader you would pick for your team. So raise your glasses and join me in toasting Greg. For he is a jolly good fellow  . . . and that nobody can deny. Slainte!

The Future of Airport Concessions

Be sure to check your mailbox for the latest edition of Centerlines. December’s issue features a cover story on the future of airport concessions and how these programs have adapted to the challenging economy while taking advantage of new opportunities.

December 2009

December 2009

It’s no shock to anyone that the struggling economy has affected airport operations—particularly in the concessions realm. According to the article, while sales per enplaned passenger have held steady, overall revenue at airports is dropping because of the drop in passenger numbers. Specialty retail has been hit the hardest, dropping anywhere from one to eight percent.

But airports and their partners are choosing to take advantage of the economic lull to reevaluate and improve operations. Some concessionaries have changed their hours of operation to meet busy traffic periods and to cut costs. Other airports are offering personal services and conveniences such as pet kennels and sleep hotels. In doing so, airports will be prepared for passenger demands when traffic returns.

Other stories featured in the December issue of Centerlines include:

  • - Airports: Complex Responsibilities in Challenging Times
  • - The Screening Partnership Program: Is the Opt-Out Still an Option?
  • - Enabling the Disabled: Curb-to-Curb Accessibility is a Never-Ending Struggle

Click here to read the cover story. Click here to view the entire December Centerlines issue.