Earth Week 2014: Montréal, a.k.a. the Airport That Planted Trees*

by Lyne Michaud and Anne Marcotte Assistant Director, Environment and Sustainability; and Director, Communications and Social Responsibility Aéroports de Montréal Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) instituted a tree policy in 2009. Its goal is to protect areas of high ecological value on airport lands and mitigate the environmental impacts of projects. A number of projects have [...]

Earth Week 2014: Commemorating Earth Day… Does It Still Matter?

by Cynthia Parker Environmental Coordinator City of Phoenix Aviation Department Yesterday was the 44th anniversary of Earth Day, and it’s now 43 years after the inauguration of the Environmental Protection Agency and 45 years since the Cuyahoga River fire brought national attention to water pollution in the U.S.  With these landmarks in mind, does Earth [...]

Earth Week 2014: Victoria Diversion Project Channels Good Land Stewardship

by James Bogusz Director, Airside Operations, Technology and Environment Victoria Airport Authority When I was growing up on Vancouver Island, I was always told how important local food production and agriculture was for the long term health of our community.  Like many, I purchase most of my produce from a grocery store and don’t think [...]

Earth Week 2014: Earth Day is Every Day for Our #GreenAirports

by Kevin M. Burke President and CEO ACI-NA While airports are committed to advancing sustainability and the environment year-round, we carve out some special times to mark accomplishments and celebrate environmental excellence. This week is one of those times. The ACI-NA Environmental Affairs Committee just finished its Spring Conference jointly with ACI-NA’s Business Information Technology [...]

Earth Week 2014: Halifax Gets Creative and Collaborative with Solid Waste Management Practices

by Michael Rantala Manager, Safety and Environment Halifax International Airport Authority With more than 3.6 million passengers and hundreds of thousands more visitors to our Air Terminal Building annually, the Halifax Stanfield International Airport generates tons of waste.  How do we manage it? Internal leadership! Airports face a unique challenge in that many of our [...]

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