Earth Week 2014: Toronto Pearson Gearing Up for Creek Cleanup

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by Derek Gray
Manager, Environmental Services
Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Regardless of the weather this Friday, approximately 30 GTAA staff will be taking part in our annual creek cleanup.

Now in its twelfth ‎year the cleanup occurs along a section of Spring Creek that is within the primary security line and not accessible by the general public.

Spring Creek upstream of Toronto Pearson International Airport is a highly urbanized watershed with a mix of commercial, industrial and residential land uses.

This mixed land use always leads to the possibility of “interesting” finds and a contest for participants. Each year prizes are awarded for those “interesting” finds. Over the years some prize-worthy finds have included a satellite dish, a full-sized baby carriage and a roll of perforated drainage pipe.

The more common garbage removed from the creek are plastic bags, single serving beverage containers and Styrofoam packing.  I’m looking forward to this year’s “interesting” find and the cleanup effort.