Join the Band(width)wagon

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By Caroline O’Reilly
What is the world’s number-one location for taking photographs?  According to Boingo Wireless President Nick Hulse, it’s the airport.  And with so many of these photographs being sent to and from phones and tablets, the time is now for airports to invest in their communications infrastructure.

Tuesday afternoon’s The Ever Connected Passenger concurrent session discussed the latest technological and behavioral trends of connected travelers, as well as the anticipated requirements for airports’ networks to keep pace.  Hulse was joined on the panel discussion with Stephen Freibrun of ICF SH&E and Hans Miller of Airside Mobile.

As airports seek more efficient ways to address long lines and bottlenecks, harnessing travelers’ voluntary location data could help them to cure such hiccups much faster. “Having the right network infrastructure will allow you to have access to this information and services in the future,” Hulse said.

But perhaps the most attractive benefit for airports to truly go mobile is the potential boost in secondary revenues.  According to Airside’s Miller, an additional $35 billion awaits.

“Mobile isn’t just cool.  Mobile speeds things up,” he said, and that quicker, smoother processing through checkpoints sets the tone for a much calmer airport experience. And the pay-off?  “Lowering people’s stress increase their likelihood to buy.”