Terminal of the Future Opening in Vegas

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By Annie Russo
With about two months to go, Terminal 3 at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is well on its way to being ready for its first passengers at the end of June. While attending the ACI-NA Environmental and Ops Tech conference in Las Vegas last week, I had the opportunity to tour the new state-of-the-art terminal.  There wasn’t a more fitting place to have the best minds in airport environmental procedures and technical experts than to be hosted by an airport about to put advances in airport operations, technology and efficiency into use in a new terminal.

Terminal 3 utilizes common use practices and technology to offer passengers efficient no-hassle travel.  Technology in the new terminal offers the capability to check in at a kiosk, self tag their luggage and even self board.  Since Terminal 3 will house McCarran’s international gates, a great deal of thought has gone into ensuring an easy trip from the gate to Customs and Border Protection. The terminal also relies on dynamic sign capability for communicating with passengers from the curb and throughout the terminal that will allow the airport to make quick changes thus adding to the flexibility of the terminal’s facilities.

From an environmental prospective, Terminal 3 is equipped with some of the best advances for energy and emissions savings available to airports today.  From use of solar energy, to the newest air exchange systems and control systems that help regulate energy use, Terminal 3 has instituted many of the best practices and advancements talked about during the Environmental conference.

The terminal will open in three separate phases, first welcoming international travelers at the end of June, then domestic passengers in July and full integration with the carriers in August.  For aviation and airport enthusiasts, Terminal 3 is going to be one destination you won’t want to miss.  However, it’s the millions of tourists that visit Las Vegas every year and the Las Vegas residents that will gain the most from this state-of-the-art facility in the years to come.