Principato Talks U.S. Airports at JITI Seminar

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By Morgan Dye

This afternoon Greg Principato addressed the Japan International Transport Institute (JITI) at their Airport Seminar 2012, themed: Maximizing the Potential of Multiple Airports in a Region.

While underscoring his point that economic development has been closely tied to transportation which supports travel and trade, Principato addressed the importance of airports as an economic driver in their local communities, international air service and US entry and VISA procedures.

He also seized the opportunity to talk about the infrastructure investment that needs to be made at airports across the United States as demand increases. Greg concluded his speech with this: “We also know there is work to be done at home, e.g.  increasing and improving airport infrastructure in order to accommodate increased demand. We have urged Congress, the President and all the various committees and commissions looking at ways to cut the deficit and promote growth to remove the federal, Nixon-era shackles on airports and give U.S. airports the same freedom our competitors have to invest in their future. But that is a whole other speech.”

JITI’s mission is to conduct comprehensive research of contemporary transportation issues and make recommendations regarding United States and international transportation policies for the public welfare. In addition to Principato’s overview of the situation at US airports, today’s speakers focused on airports in the New York region in the United States, and Tokyo and Osaka in Japan.

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