Congress—Stop the Insanity

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By Chris Oswald

Struggling to find the right adjectives to describe Congress’ decision to leave town before passing an FAA extension?  You’re in luck because a Washington Post/Pew Research Center poll regarding the recent debt ceiling crisis gives you lots of choices.

Unlike the debt ceiling crisis, the FAA reauthorization debacle has claimed very real victims already.

They’re the FAA employees who don’t know when their next paycheck will be coming.

They’re airports that don’t know when they’ll get needed FAA approvals and funding critical safety and capacity improvements.

They’re hard-working men and women who have seen their job sites shut down.

They’re all of us who depend on our National Air Transportation System to do business, take vacations, and visit our families and loved ones.

Congress, do you think that the $200 million a week that we’re losing in revenue will be magically replaced at the end of this crisis?  Do you think that shutting down job sites in the midst of the most protracted recession in modern American history makes any sense whatsoever?  Do you think that you’ve given talented professionals any reason to work for the FAA in the future?

Stop this insanity.  Stop it now.  Get back to work and pass an extension.

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