Aviation Community Says Congress Must Act Before August Recess

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By Morgan Dye

Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) President Greg Principato today, in a joint letter with nine other aviation related associations, urged the bipartisan congressional leadership to act on Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) legislation before adjourning for August.

In the letter, ACI-NA in consort with Airport Consultants Council, American Association of Airport Executives, American Council of Engineering Companies, American Institute of Architects, American Road and Transportation Builders Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, the Associated General Contractors of America, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, the National Association of State Aviation Officials, the National Air Traffic Controllers  Association, and the U.S. Travel Association stressed that the effects of Congress’ inaction has resulted in the FAA being unable to issue new grants for critical safety and capacity projects at airports around the country; the Airport and  Airway Trust Fund has lost more than $270 million dollars, cutting further into the dangerously low $800 million uncommitted balance in the Trust Fund and tens of thousands of design and construction workers are without jobs because airports have not received Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding for approved safety and security projects.

The letter went on to say, “Leaving town without passing an FAA extension or a longer-term reauthorization bill will threaten to deplete the Aviation Trust Fund, which will have a long term negative impact on the national aviation system. Critical safety and security projects will be canceled or deferred and thousands of jobs will be lost. Congress must not allow this to happen.”

One thought on “Aviation Community Says Congress Must Act Before August Recess

  1. JNagol

    The Congress has once again done a great dis-service to the Construction Trades with 70,000 lost jobs, the furloughed 4000 FAA employees , the Aviation Community, The Flying Public and the Country.

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