Attack on Airport Ground Transportation Fees

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By Channon Hanna

The providers of ground transportation services, including limousine companies, are behind the introduction of legislation which would prohibit airports from charging fees for the use of the airport facility by ground transportation providers.  H.R. 1691, the Prevention of Unreasonable Fees Act, was introduced by Congresswoman Laura Richardson (D-CA) and is co-sponsored by Congressman Allen West (R-FL).

Limo and taxi drivers want to use airport infrastructure and contribute to the wear and tear without having to appropriately pay for such usage. Some airport operators have chosen to charge airport access fees to providers of ground transportation services, such as taxis, limousines, and courtesy shuttles, in order to fund airport infrastructure that supports commercial ground transportation. A survey of ACI-NA’s members found that most airports use these fees to recoup costs the ground transportation providers contribute to the airport infrastructure.  The fees are used for projects such as access road maintenance, curbside security and law enforcement, and hold lot construction and maintenance.  In addition, some airports have invested in waiting facilities for the use of these providers which include restrooms and garage facilities.

There have been a number of court cases involving ground transportation providers suing airports regarding the right to collect access fees.  To date, airports have prevailed and the right to charge these fees has been upheld.  ACI-NA believes airport operators are entitled to fair revenue compensation from those who use our facilities and services.

A copy of the bill can be found here.

Contact ACI-NA’s Channon Hanna for more information.