FAA Publishes Final Advisory Circular On Avian Radar

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By Matt Griffin

Avian Radar on top of buildings at Sea-Tac Airport's terminal area track the flight of birds to prevent dangerous collisions. (Sea-Tac Airport)

Last week, the FAA published the final version of Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5220-25, Airport Avian Radar Systems.  The advisory circular provides airport operators with guidance regarding avian radar system components, capabilities, selection and siting criteria, and required system specifications.  The publication of the advisory circular is also a necessary step to making these systems eligible for Airport Improvement Program funding; avian radar systems that meet the required system specifications contained in the advisory circular will be so eligible.

The final version of the advisory circular incorporates several comments that ACI-NA staff and members submitted to the FAA in August, substantively improving the document.

We appreciate all members that provided us with comments regarding the advisory circular.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Chris Oswald or Matt Griffin.