ACI-NA President Testifies on International Aviation Security Standards

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By Morgan Dye

Greg Principato, president of Airports Council International-North America, testified before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation’s subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety and Security on international aviation screening standards. Principato stressed that the importance of timely and actionable intelligence information cannot be understated and is essential for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and airports to appropriately adjust the aviation security posture. 

In his testimony, Principato stated that safety and security are always an airport operator’s top priorities and, “each day airports partner with airlines, tenants, TSA, Customs and Border Protection and Federal, State, and local law enforcement to maintain and develop a comprehensive, layered security system that can quickly adapt and respond to new threats.”  

In addressing Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT), Principato stated that ACI-NA generally supports TSA’s testing and deployment of this technology but stressed that “We remain concerned that future AIT installations will pose significant challenges at airports where major facility modifications may be necessary to accommodate the equipment”. Principato also stressed the need for TSA, the European Union and Canada to develop mutually-recognized standards for screening technology. 

“Although there are aspects of the current aviation security system that are effective, there are others which need to evolve to keep pace with the projected increase in the number of passengers and volume of cargo in the United States and abroad,” Principato said. “Only through an effective partnership where government coordinates with industry to apply appropriate security measures can we ensure the long-term sustainability of the aviation system.”