All posts for the month September, 2010

A look at TSA’s new screening devices

By Matt Griffin This morning on the show floor, Robin Kane, Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Technology, provided an update on the status of new screening technologies, and in particular, Advanced Imaging Technology or AIT. In compressing the timeline of the nationwide rollout of this technology, TSA is committed to coordinating with airports […]

HR Aviation Industry Trends

By Nancy Zimini The Human Resources Committee invited speakers, Thella Bowes, CEO, San Diego Airport Authority and her HR Director, Jeff Lindeman to address the current state of the aviation industry and future challenges, e.g., the impact on airports and the role that the HR function can play in building and retaining future human capital […]

A look at the role of an Airport HR executive

By Nancy Zimini As the Human Resources Committee conference raps up its meeting in Pittsburgh it is clear that we had another exceptional industry specific meeting! Highlights of a few sessions are described below. Full conference presentations were made on the topics of  Strategic Workforce Planning, Wellness Program, Labor Relations – Interest vs. Position Based […]

Another round of Airlines vs. Passengers

By Jane Calderwood Who’s Protecting the Passenger proved to present a very balanced view with Southwest and IATA representatives squaring off against DOT and the Consumer Travel Alliance. Denver’s Ken Greene did a nice job of laying out the issue before turning thing over to Charlie Leocha of the Consumer Travel Alliance.  Leocha noted that […]

Creative Revenue Generation While the Economy is on “Pause”

By Liying Gu As passenger demand drops and airlines continue to put pressure on aeronautical rates and charges, airports must continue to look for new and diverse sources of revenue. Bill Restall, of the Saskatoon Airport Authority, kicked off the session highlighting the shift in reliance from aviation fees to non-aviation fees to allow the […]

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